The Laughing Clown

28th February 2016


I headed down to Lulworth Cove before dawn to see what I could see. As always I had thought I’d get some shots of the cove before sun up, but once again it turned out that my hero shot for the trip wasn’t of the cove and wasn’t pre-dawn. I started the trip down on the cove trying not to get my knees wet as I shot the small stream that flows into the cove from by the slipway.


It’s ok, but it’s a bit too much of a postcard shot for my taste, all established foreground and dawn colour. So I headed a little further along the beach looking, as ever, for outlying rocks to float my boat.


Which I found, sort of, but it’s still all a bit too West Country Landscape meets calendar really. It was only when I walked up the hill after sun-up to Stair Hole and saw what looked like a clown drowning in the rising tide that I realised why I was there.