Durdle Door – Canon MKIII 16-35mm. F16, 1 minute 37 seconds

19th February 2013

durdle door

Well it just goes to show that long exposures aren’t interesting in themselves. This was taken after dark, and I was rather hoping that a long exposure at night might make it interesting. It palpably didn’t. There were a couple of other photographers shooting there too, I hope they came up with something better than this!

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John Matthews – Coal Miner

John Matthews - Coal Miner

Meeting John Matthews was sobering and inspiring. We sat outside the Court Royal Miners Home in Bournemouth in the winter sunshine and he talked to me about life down the mines in the 40’s and 50’s. I had imagined it was harsh, but it wasn’t until I heard first hand what life was like in […]

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Pando – Welder

15th February 2013

Pando Welder

Pando very kindly came to me, so we shot this in the yard, and bar the odd cloud had a fairly clear day. He seems to have asbestos hands because sparks were flying everywhere – though selfishly I was more worried about getting the camera zapped.

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Ian Marchant – Farrier

Ian Marchant Farrier

Ian Marchant’s forge is like something out of a film set, piles of iron and old tools scattered rather aesthetically all over the place. It was also incredibly dark in there, fortunately it was a sunny day and there was a chink of sunshine streaming in through the door, which I just about managed to […]

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No it’s not just a fish

5th February 2013

Tuna Fish

“No it’s not just a fish” is what I said to my wife when she couldn’t understand why this was one of my favourite shots from our Sri Lanka trip. I like the hand, the texture of the fish, the drop of blood coming from it’s mouth, the feeling that the fish is being held […]

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Not that special but quite cute. Boy you have to move fast though because these guys do not hang around for their close up.

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“Hey where’d the water go?” Canon 5D MKII, 24-105mm


Is it just me, or do these two tuna on the dockside in Sri Lanka look like their having a bit of chat, and one of them is rightfully worried.

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Between the carriages. Canon 5D MKIII, 70-200 2.8.


My wife should take the credit for this as she spotted it first. This guy was hunkered down between the carriages on the train to Columbo (Sri Lanka). Pig of a shot to get as the train was lurching around like a drunk on a cross channel ferry, the passage down to the guy was […]

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