Portraiture Workshop

25th October 2015

Amin Saleem Pic of Theo

Theo. Photograph by Amin Saleem. I had a lovely portraiture workshop with my student Amin last week. Once again blessed with good light we were able to work on black and white portraiture, and my model Theo looked good and broody while Amin worked on his composition and natural light technique. Well done Amin, good […]

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Professional Photography

23rd October 2015

The fabulous 1st Issue of Professional Photography is just out and I strongly urge you to get yourself a copy of what I’m sure is set to become an iconic magazine amongst photographers. Go here to make sure you don’t miss it. Of course there’s a certain – well a lot – of self-promotion involved […]

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Gerrards Hill

22nd October 2015

Gerrard's Hill-1

A quick snap of Gerrard’s Hill (Beaminster, Dorset, UK) up above the house the other morning. Howlingly cold!

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Professional Photo Magazine


Many thanks to Roger Payne at Professional Photo Magazine for his lovely seven page feature on my book A Show of Hands. So nice to see such great reproduction, and he covered it beautifully. It’s a fab mag and well worth a read

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A blog about a blog

My thanks to Digital SLR Photography Magazine for featuring my post about the future of cameras from a while back in their Guest Blog spot in the November Issue of their great magazine. It’s a subject that fascinates me, not especially in a photographic way, but more in a future shock way.

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A Show Of Hands goes to Serbia

My thanks to Irena for this piece in Serbia yesterday. I’m so pleased that the project has a more international appeal than I had initially imagined. I had to limit the hands to UK subjects purely as the cost of flying round the world to shoot international hands was too high. Much as I would […]

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