Leaping Stallion, Carmargue – Canon 5DMKIII 70-200 2.8

28th October 2012

Carmargue Stallions-967-Edit-Edit

With a 70kmh wind and a chill factor of -2 I have to say the conditions were not ideal, but then if it hadn’t been for the wind I don’t suppose he’d have had such a well performing mane.

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Carmargue horses emerging from the sea – Canon 5D MKIII 80-200 2.8

27th October 2012

Carmargue Horses

Just spent a few days in the Carmargue with Ocean Capture on a horse shoot. Excellent tour. This was our one glimmer of sunshine out of ┬ávery grey few days, but skies remained dramatic and a sub-zero Mistral kept us on our toes. The Carmargue horses really are a breed apart, they have such a […]

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Sulking Serenely

24th October 2012


Not many creatures can sulk gracefully, or even serenely come to that, but this swan seems to have managed it.

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Dorset Dawn – Canon 5D MKIII 70-200mm 2.8

23rd October 2012


Climbed the hill behind the house the other morning to be rewarded with a classic October morning mist over the valley. Worth the hike.

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