A Kalash Woman Washing Grain. Nikon F5, 24mm

21st March 1997


High up in the mountains of Pakistan in the North West Frontier Province is a small valley that is, in essence, an island in an Islam sea. The Kalash are polytheists, or pagans to put it bluntly. Worshiping nature, they lead a relatively simple life, but have anything but simple customs (eloping, or ‘ghona dastur’ […]

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Young girl in Merigram, NWFP, Pakistan. – Nikon F2 180mm

12th March 1997


Merigram is a tiny little village perched high up the mountains Hindu Kush. I was on assignment taking photos of the highest polo match in the world. We had been driving for hours through a harsh and vertiginous landscape, standing in the back of a bucking jeep, caked in dust, surrounded by barren shale slopes, […]

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