The Reader – A Show Of Hands

15th January 2016


Thanks very much to this special edition of The Reader that had a long article on A Show of Hands. Whilst it’s not a glossy mag, really not what The Reader is all about, of all the press my book A Show Of Hands has received, this is the most in-depth and focused article on […]

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Into the blue

13th January 2016

ICM Charmouth

I’ve become rather entranced with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography of late, and my darling wife gave me a damped panning head for Christmas, so I just had to try it out. I’ve been free-panning till now, and still like the randomness of it, but when you need to get a pin sharp flat horizon […]

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Lone dog walker

11th January 2016


I set off from Hive Beach towards Chesil this morning, as much to walk the dog as anything, given the howling winds coming off the sea. Cameras really aren’t too keen on salt spray. Nevertheless I spotted this lone dog walker and couldn’t resist, the brooding sky and whipped up sea made a nice contrast […]

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6th January 2016

Little Horse

This is of course isn’t really minimalism, but it is a very minimal horse. Don’t you just love perspective?

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2nd January 2016


The lights of Bethlehem just into the New Year 2016. OK not the Bible Bethlehem, but the town in KZN, SA. This is a two and half minute exposure taken looking across the shoreline of Sterkfontein Reservoir where we were camped for the night on our way back to J’Burg and the UK. It’s one […]

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