Another great mask by Theo

16th March 2014

Mask by Theo Langdon

Shot another of Theo’s magnificent masks today, do check out his work here, it’s fabulous.

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A gentle dusk at East Fleet

13th March 2014

East Fleet dusk

Spent a very chilled hour or two down by the jetty at East Fleet, sadly more or less destroyed now by the recent storms. Not a very dramatic evening cloud wise, but the stillness was marvellous.

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The Sonneteer

12th March 2014

the sonneteer

Quick shoot of Seb and Tom for Sebastian Michael’s forthcoming show The Sonneteer premiering at The Edinburgh Festival this summer.

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Star Worshippers

Star worshippers

After rather a drunken birthday dinner for the wife I persuaded everyone to trog up the steep hill behind the house to look at the stars. The moon was so bright we didn’t need torches. Getting seven drunk and giggling people up a hill in the middle of the night, and attempting to get them […]

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4th March 2014

Beer by Tim Booth

Went for a very long walk today around Beer to try and get some coastal rock formation shots, but ended up back where I started and shooting HDR, which really isn’t me at all. Still not sure I get the point of HDR.

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