The London Philharmonic Orchestra. Canon 5DMKIII

25th April 2013


Spent the day shooting the London Philharmonic Orchestra while they rehearsed for a concert. Rather dark in the hall so I had to push up to 1000 ISO, but pretty pleased with the results. This is a double bassist resting between performances.

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Geoffrey Lynn and others of the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Geoffrey Lynn Violinist LPO

I was lucky enough to spend the day with the London Philharmonic Orchestra last week while they were practicing a rather challenging contemporary piece for a concert that night at the Royal Festival Hall. I was shooting them in rehearsals, and during their lunch break managed to shoot Geoffrey Lynn, one of their violinists, along […]

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Anna Watkins – Olympic Gold Medalist Rower

24th April 2013

Anna Watkins Rower

I shot Anna Watkins’s hands on the Thames at Henley. She has very beautiful hands and it’s going to be tough to choose the final image as there are two completely different ones that I love equally. Listening to her talk about her medal winning race was a joy, her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge are […]

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Nick Tett – Butcher

22nd April 2013

Nick Tett Butcher

When I asked Nick Tett if I could photograph him for A Show of Hands his assistant, who was also in the shop said, ‘You should see how Nick cuts meat, he’s a real artist’. I liked that. As a word, butcher has inherited very negative connotations, which my final image only goes to exacerbate […]

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