James Brent – Builder

30th August 2013

James Brent - Builder

I only had a few minutes to shoot James Brent this morning as he was right in the middle of a job. Big hands, I think he thought I was a bit deranged.

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Don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink…

27th August 2013


It may be a little owl, but it still seemed determined to weird me out.

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How to tell when you’re too close… 80mm, F10, 160th


Up close and personal with a Ferruginous Hawk. Beautiful bird.

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Tim Booth – Photographer

24th August 2013

Tim Booth

After countless people mentioning it I thought I’d better do a shot of my own hands. This was just going to be a quick test, my camera balanced on a hanky and set on a 10 second self timer, but actually I’m quite pleased with it. The camera is my father’s old Rollie that he […]

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Sharon Bindon – Falconer

21st August 2013

Sharon Bindon Falconer

The level of mutual trust needed to hold a huge bird of prey in your bare hands is quite extraordinary. Those talons are designed to rip through bare flesh with consummate ease, and yet the bond Sharon Bindon has with her birds is so strong that all she gets is a few inevitable scratches. I […]

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Gary Markwick – Palmist

19th August 2013

Gary Markwick - Palmist

A sixty something Gary Markwick looks considerably younger than I do, so either he’s doing something right or I’m doing something wrong. He has the most bewitching hands, fine fingered with deeply lined palms making them perfect for the straight on shot I was after. He took my hand after the shoot and told me […]

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Helen Sharman, the first British Astronaut in space.

Helen Sharman Astronaut

I drove up to meet Helen at Kingston University this morning. It was our second crack at the whip as the first time we met back in February it was pouring with rain and more or less dark. Oddly I saw James May in the car park, and no, I didn’t ask him if I […]

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Vincent Regan, 80mm, 1/250, f6.3

17th August 2013


Another portrait of my mate Vincent looking broody and menacing. The 80mm 1.2 really is a superb portrait lens.

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Jo Webb – Dry Stone Waller

14th August 2013

Jo Webb - Dry Stone Waller

Jo Webb has been laying dry stone walls around the Cotswolds for over 30 years, and she and I walked out to into the fields to find one she could get to grips with, so to speak. There is a wonderful sense of permanence to dry stone walls, they’re almost monuments, like mini Stone Henge’s […]

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Shooting Star, 16mm, 2.8, 25 secs

13th August 2013


I spent several hours last night sitting on the hill above the house with my camera pointed at the heavens hoping to catch some of the Perseids meteor shower. I saw quite a few shooting stars, but mostly of course not where my camera was pointing, with the exception of this solitary meteor, quite pretty […]

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Swamp Circus Camp – 58mm, 1/500, f10

3rd August 2013


Very remiss of me, no posts for ages, that’s the summer for you! Spent last weekend in deepest Cornwall at a circus camp (my wife and kids leaping about not me, though I did attempt the high wire). This guy had a fabulous look, curly tash and all, but it was the view from the […]

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