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Timing is everything

16th February 2017

Timing is everything

I made a slightly unplanned trip down to Lyme Regis this week, to see what I could see. The tide had just turned and the sea was pretty wild with a cross shore wind that was keen to soak my camera with salt spray. I didn’t have a splash bag with me so I concentrated […]

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Waiting for starlings

Waiting for starlings

The reed beds outside Glastonbury are a classic place to see starling murmurations, so I headed down to try to catch them. Capturing a perfect murmuration is pretty high on my photographic bucket list, a box I’ve yet to tick. I always turn up on location at least an hour or two before I need […]

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7th February 2017

Fleet Sticks

Wandered down to Fleet this morning to see if I could find some sticks to photograph, I’m kind of into sticks but find them very hard to lay my hands on so to speak. I did find a clump, but not in an ideal spot for composition. Though I did think it interesting that the […]

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5th February 2017


Charlie (the wife), Jez (her acrobalance partner) and I spent Sunday afternoon in the studio having some fun with an amazing set of wings made by the deeply talented Theo Langdon. We needed images for Charlie’s new show as well her acrobalance walkabout she’s hoping to do at BoomTown this year. I tried to get […]

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Instruments of Darkness

30th January 2017

Jason Flemmyng

Spent a very happy and productive day shooting stills on location for Instruments of Darkness. Some great people, and we got a lot done. Shooting stills can be frustrating at times as you’re pretty much always at the very bottom of a long ladder of priorities. I’ve no problem with being eighth fiddle on a […]

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Beware of the sand

20th January 2017


It’s fairly obvious that I’m a big fan of long exposure shots. There are quite a few tripwires when it comes to shooting them, exposure, composition and the real clincher, keeping the damn camera rock solid. This one is only just over three minutes long, taken from a sandy beach, and there’s the problem. Despite […]

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Walking the dog


There’s a minimalist shot I took here called ‘On The Run’, and I also snapped this one while I was at it. It’s interesting how very different this shot is in feel considering (and I confess to this not being an accurate calculation) the only difference between the two shots is in less than .5% […]

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Dorset Mist

January Misty Morning over Stoke Water

Another wee hike up the hill behind the house this morning to see what I could see. The view from up here never ceases to captivate me, even without the morning mist the rolling hills out towards the coast are so quintessentially English that I’m always charmed by it, and feel so lucky to live […]

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Misty Beaminster

8th January 2017

Misty Besminster

As I drive the boys up the hill to school, this is occasionally what I see in the rear-view mirror. So on the way home I nip up the hill to try and catch it. It was the first view I saw, many years ago, of our valley, and why I guess we ended up […]

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Abandoned Shack

3rd January 2017


This abandoned shack was at the end of the beach where we were staying on Koh Chang. As you can see, I struggle to empathise with buildings. I’m drawn to them, but I never seem to pull out of the scene what it is that they make me feel, which is basically how I approach […]

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4th December 2016


Had a bit of fun fiddling about in the studio with Lillies yesterday. They have such a gentle colour and tone (and wicked pollen) I liked the challenge of trying to capture their sculpted nature without any colour. When in bloom their petals and stamen look so wonderful I thought I’d try to get an […]

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Alex Pole – Blacksmith

15th November 2016

Alex Pole

It’s been a while since I’ve shot a pair of hands, but I had the chance the other day while I was doing some pics for a local blacksmith who makes exquisite knives, axes and lots of other cool ironwork. Seemed like an awful lot of hammers to me, but then he probably thought I […]

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15th October 2016

Lyme Groyne

The thing about Lyme Regis, is that every time I head down there everything seems slightly different. I love the varied coastline, the mixture of man and nature. At times hard and other times soft, it’s an endless source (though not literally obviously) of inspiration.

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30th September 2016

Tim Booth

Think I may have made myself look just a little on the severe side here. Not really into that whole self-portrait gig really, but needed a head shot for some mag. I’m really not this serious most of the time!

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Eype Waterfall

2nd September 2016

Waterfall Eype

There’s a favourite spot of mine down on Eype Beach, not much there really, but it’s just one of those places, you know? There are a couple of rocks close to shore that are hardly anything to write home about, but I like it as a spot to practice, and they do make for some […]

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Here be rocks

28th August 2016

Warning Flag

Camping in Godrevy just a short walk from the beach with the family. Needless to say I was out at the top and tail of the day where possible. The life guards here do an outstanding job (and seem to have quite a lot of fun in the process), but I thought thy were being […]

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Surf’s Up

16th August 2016

Surf Girl

Down in Cornwall for the week with the family doing a spot of camping and surfing. I thought this lone girl/woman with her huge board, walking out in perfect profile looked wonderfully old fashioned. Though we were on boogie boards as opposed to the real thing boogie boards, I think Huck, my youngest, is unintentionally […]

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Lake Geneva

15th August 2016

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a photographer’s dream. The light is endlessly interesting and ever changing, and the views of the scenery, villages and general life on the lake are fabulously varied. We were staying far to far from the lake for me to able to slip away morning and evening to shoot landscapes (and we were […]

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8th August 2016


Headed up the hill again this morning with Harry to see what the vale was up to. It’s a view I never tire of, even though it doesn’t perform that frequently. Looked up and just though the line of this was perfect in the clear sky. We advance, we climb, we take to the skies […]

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Studio’s have their uses.

15th July 2016


This is portrait of a friend’s daughter Leah, who it seems like yesterday was seven. Boy time flies. One of my rather rare studio sessions outside of deep winter (I do like shooting them outside in my special spot). We did start outside, but the light went and we weren’t done. One of the advantages […]

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6th July 2016


I am often struck by the tenacity in nature. I had seen these trees from afar for quite some time and had always meant to shoot them, finally I had the chance one evening to head up there after sunset. It was more or less dark by the time I arrived at the bottom of […]

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Pippy in the rain

11th June 2016

Pip De Rohan

An out-take from shooting my friend Pippy today. I’d made him stand out in the rain for his portrait and we’d got to the ‘This is just silly’ stage. Lovely guy.

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Hairy Harry

30th May 2016

Hairy Harry

I often take Harry with me when I go out on my dawn shoots, though at times, well fairly often actually, he has a tendency to wander into shot, but he does seem to love it out there in the dark. Looking very winter coated, so though it time for a spring clean.

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Moonrise Cobb

27th May 2016

Moonrise Cobb

Drove down to Lyme again before sun up this morning to see what I could see. Shot this while I was waiting for something else to happen, which it did, thankfully.

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DJ Niko De Rohan

16th May 2016

Niko De Rohan

Niko is a top DJ, friend, and was a joy to photograph. He’s got such a lived in face which lends itself perfectly to my rather gritty portrait approach. I have a special spot in the yard where I love to shoot my portraits, the light there is just right, and I’m a sucker for […]

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The Wall

The Wall

I love this wall and I’ve been down before sunrise to teeter on it on many occasions. From experience I’ve learnt that a falling tide is much easier to work with than a rising one. It’s completely submerged at high tide, and at low tide there’s rather an ugly reef at its end so timing, […]

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Portrait Workshop

10th April 2016


Had rather a fun day today doing one of my Portrait Workshops whilst being shot for a feature called True Grit Portraits for Photo Plus Magazine with one of their readers. That was rather a convoluted sentence. What I try to do on my portrait workshops is to demystify the process. Students tend to be […]

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The Stig

21st March 2016

The Stig

Fun to do a little commercial job for Perry McCarthy aka The Stig (the original one) last week. He’s got a new outfit not far from here that does something amazing to cars that I can’t fathom. I’m no mechanic.

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Stone Balancing

6th March 2016


I don’t know who put it there, and I can’t fathom what sort of rock it is, but stumbled upon this on a family walk from Charmouth to Lyme. I’d have liked to try a long exposure on it as the sea and sky were both working in my favour, but no tripod and no […]

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The Laughing Clown

28th February 2016


I headed down to Lulworth Cove before dawn to see what I could see. As always I had thought I’d get some shots of the cove before sun up, but once again it turned out that my hero shot for the trip wasn’t of the cove and wasn’t pre-dawn. I started the trip down on […]

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West Bay, again….

12th February 2016


I return to this spot regularly, partly because it’s just twenty minutes from home, and partly because despite topographically always staying the same (though the cliffs are collapsing alarmingly) the light and sun position through the year make it change constantly. I tend to always arrive way too early on location, as I’m never sure […]

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The Reader – A Show Of Hands

15th January 2016


Thanks very much to this special edition of The Reader that had a long article on A Show of Hands. Whilst it’s not a glossy mag, really not what The Reader is all about, of all the press my book A Show Of Hands has received, this is the most in-depth and focused article on […]

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Into the blue

13th January 2016

ICM Charmouth

I’ve become rather entranced with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photography of late, and my darling wife gave me a damped panning head for Christmas, so I just had to try it out. I’ve been free-panning till now, and still like the randomness of it, but when you need to get a pin sharp flat horizon […]

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Lone dog walker

11th January 2016


I set off from Hive Beach towards Chesil this morning, as much to walk the dog as anything, given the howling winds coming off the sea. Cameras really aren’t too keen on salt spray. Nevertheless I spotted this lone dog walker and couldn’t resist, the brooding sky and whipped up sea made a nice contrast […]

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6th January 2016

Little Horse

This is of course isn’t really minimalism, but it is a very minimal horse. Don’t you just love perspective?

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2nd January 2016


The lights of Bethlehem just into the New Year 2016. OK not the Bible Bethlehem, but the town in KZN, SA. This is a two and half minute exposure taken looking across the shoreline of Sterkfontein Reservoir where we were camped for the night on our way back to J’Burg and the UK. It’s one […]

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

30th December 2015

Morning Hike

In the inimitable words of the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need”. My wife and I had set out for a pre-dawn hike in the Drakensbug Mountains in South Africa, I hoping to get an epic landscape of some description and Charlie, well she just needs […]

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Retreating Storm, South Africa

27th December 2015

Retreating Storm

I’ve been wanting to shoot lightning for years, but getting a clear crack at it in the UK is pretty rare. Last week my family and I were camped out in a tiny game reserve near the Drakensburg mountains in KZN, South Africa, and as evening fell a huge storm rolled towards us from the […]

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iPhone Experiment #3.214

15th November 2015

iPhone experiment

Ok, I’m kidding about the #3.214, I may be a little anal, but nowhere near that much. I like trying out new stuff on the iPhone, though more for personal interest than professional, it’s still just a phone. This image was taken using a Slow Shutter Speed app, set at three seconds and panned during […]

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Looking Up

3rd November 2015

Looking Up

It’s so easy to forget to look up. We spend so much time looking at the ground, or worse hunched over glaring at out little screens. This just a snap on the iPhone (one of the good things about smart phones is the camera) taken whilst walking the dog. Not the resolution I could have […]

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Portraiture Workshop

25th October 2015

Amin Saleem Pic of Theo

Theo. Photograph by Amin Saleem. I had a lovely portraiture workshop with my student Amin last week. Once again blessed with good light we were able to work on black and white portraiture, and my model Theo looked good and broody while Amin worked on his composition and natural light technique. Well done Amin, good […]

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Professional Photography

23rd October 2015

The fabulous 1st Issue of Professional Photography is just out and I strongly urge you to get yourself a copy of what I’m sure is set to become an iconic magazine amongst photographers. Go here to make sure you don’t miss it. Of course there’s a certain – well a lot – of self-promotion involved […]

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Gerrards Hill

22nd October 2015

Gerrard's Hill-1

A quick snap of Gerrard’s Hill (Beaminster, Dorset, UK) up above the house the other morning. Howlingly cold!

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Professional Photo Magazine

Many thanks to Roger Payne at Professional Photo Magazine for his lovely seven page feature on my book A Show of Hands. So nice to see such great reproduction, and he covered it beautifully. It’s a fab mag and well worth a read

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A blog about a blog

My thanks to Digital SLR Photography Magazine for featuring my post about the future of cameras from a while back in their Guest Blog spot in the November Issue of their great magazine. It’s a subject that fascinates me, not especially in a photographic way, but more in a future shock way.

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A Show Of Hands goes to Serbia

My thanks to Irena for this piece in Serbia yesterday. I’m so pleased that the project has a more international appeal than I had initially imagined. I had to limit the hands to UK subjects purely as the cost of flying round the world to shoot international hands was too high. Much as I would […]

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The Super Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

28th September 2015


Boy it was freezing last night, probably should have changed out of my pyjamas to watch and shoot the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, here’s a before, during and after crack at it. Maybe by 2033 I’ll be able to get closer, sharper and probably shoot it through my phone rather than a telescope… If you’d […]

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The eyes have it

21st September 2015


My assistant’s (the lovely Lara Arnott) eye as a test shot for the shoot I did last week. Thanks to all the crew for their help during the shoot.

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Studland Shard

15th September 2015

Studland Shard-1

My last post made me think of this which I snapped back in June I think. Perched on the cliff edge in heck of a wind, Dorset’s superior answer to the Shard.

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Smoky Mountain River

14th September 2015

Smoky Mountain River-1

Well ok my Smoky Mountain River doesn’t have any smoke, and it’s not a mountain, but it is a river. I spent quite a while barefoot freezing knee deep in a small river in Cornwall looking at this rock I liked. I knew there was a shot there somewhere and eventually found it by looking […]

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