Instruments of Darkness

30th January 2017

Jason Flemmyng

Spent a very happy and productive day shooting stills on location for Instruments of Darkness. Some great people, and we got a lot done. Shooting stills can be frustrating at times as you’re pretty much always at the very bottom of a long ladder of priorities. I’ve no problem with being eighth fiddle on a […]

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Beware of the sand

20th January 2017


It’s fairly obvious that I’m a big fan of long exposure shots. There are quite a few tripwires when it comes to shooting them, exposure, composition and the real clincher, keeping the damn camera rock solid. This one is only just over three minutes long, taken from a sandy beach, and there’s the problem. Despite […]

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Walking the dog


There’s a minimalist shot I took here called ‘On The Run’, and I also snapped this one while I was at it. It’s interesting how very different this shot is in feel considering (and I confess to this not being an accurate calculation) the only difference between the two shots is in less than .5% […]

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Dorset Mist

January Misty Morning over Stoke Water

Another wee hike up the hill behind the house this morning to see what I could see. The view from up here never ceases to captivate me, even without the morning mist the rolling hills out towards the coast are so quintessentially English that I’m always charmed by it, and feel so lucky to live […]

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Misty Beaminster

8th January 2017

Misty Besminster

As I drive the boys up the hill to school, this is occasionally what I see in the rear-view mirror. So on the way home I nip up the hill to try and catch it. It was the first view I saw, many years ago, of our valley, and why I guess we ended up […]

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Abandoned Shack

3rd January 2017


This abandoned shack was at the end of the beach where we were staying on Koh Chang. As you can see, I struggle to empathise with buildings. I’m drawn to them, but I never seem to pull out of the scene what it is that they make me feel, which is basically how I approach […]

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