The Moon Tonight

26th February 2015

The Moon Tonight

The moon tonight looking very cratery, first time I’ve got this close and seen the mountains like that. And boy it moves fast, so silent so quick, rather spooky.

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iPhone Photography Course, The Cobb at Lyme Regis

25th February 2015


Spent a lovely day down at Lyme Regis last week teaching iPhone Photography. Ludicrously gorgeous day, it was like summer, people everywhere, though wisely bundled up in winter kit. And the iPhone 6 pulled it off again.

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Well I’d buy a copy

13th February 2015

No Angel

Mucked about in the studio yesterday shooting the pic for Charlie’s next gig. Thought this might make a nice album cover.

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Dorset’s misty valleys

4th February 2015

Mist valleys of Dorset

Walked up the hill last week, lovely view over Netherbury down towards the sea. Just shows it’s worth not leaving the house without your camera.

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