A Show of Hands is a beautifully printed 196 page hardback edition containing a unique collection of remarkable photographs of hands by photographer Tim Booth, and a foreword by Jonny Wilkinson.

With hands from all corners of society, from builders to world class musicians, artists to grave-diggers, it’s an insightful and moving book of striking photographs. The book contains a series of stories about people, told with both images and words. Stories of very different lives from a wide range of backgrounds, that are windows into the lives of people whose dedication to their craft or labour can often be seen etched into their hands. The sitters often talk about what their hands meant to them. For some they are just tools, blunt instruments that enable them to achieve a desired result. For others their relationship with their hands goes beyond the mere physical, to a more esoteric connection, where in many cases the hands are a conduit through which intentions, and indeed feeling, can be passed from the mind to their task, be it labour, art, sport, music or craft.

Book Details

A 196 page case bound hardback volume.
Foreword by Jonny Wilkinson
Printed on 157gsm Hi-Q FSC matt art paper.
Containing over 95 photographs from A Show of Hands.
ISBN: 978-1-910616-05-5.
Published by XII Books.
Publish Date: 6th October 2015.
Size: 290 x 250mm.

For more details on the book, the history behind it and the subjects, please click here.

The book comes shrink-wrapped for protection and is dispatched in a solid cardboard mailer. If you would like an inscription (signed copy) the book will come unwrapped but still protected.