Terry O’Neill – Photographer

29th November 2013

Terry O'Neill Photographer

Popped in to see Terry O’Neill in London this morning. What an extremely nice guy. Considering he’s rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest stars of the 20th century, it’s a delight to see that none of their egos rubbed off on him in the slightest. Kind, calm, interested and without a shred of conceit. […]

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Photoshoot with Calista Robertson

25th November 2013

Calista Robertson-40-Edit

Calista is a rising young star – a great songwriter and performer who recently gigged with my wife in London. She came over to the house for a practice run-through and we did a quick shoot. No lights, just the good old UK weather. It still amazes me how many different looks you can get […]

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Nicky Clarke – Hair Stylist

5th November 2013

Nicky Clarke Hair Stylist

Any preconceptions you might have about the fluffiness or vacuity of people working in the fashion arena would be quickly dispelled after spending any time with Nicky Clarke. I spent a delightful hour or so with Nicky and his partner Kelly shooting his hands and chatting about the world of photography, and of course hair. […]

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Guy Busk – Shepherd

Guy Busk Shepherd

If you sat back and tried to imagine what a shepherd might be like, then you’d very probably imagine someone like Guy Busk. Tough and gnarled, yet terribly gentle, soft spoken and yet authoritative, someone who is so at home in the hills that they are in essence a part of the countryside. He has […]

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