Harry. Canon 5DMKIII 80mm 1.2

14th May 2012


Within in minutes of joyfully unwrapping my new Canon 85mm 1.2 lens I snapped this portrait of my dog Harry and fell utterly in love. With the lens not the dog. It’s the sharpest and most beautiful portrait lens I’ve even owned, I’d even go so far as to say it’s better than the old […]

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Morning dew – iPhone4S

9th May 2012


I foolishly sold my Canon 100mm macro, so I was quite pleased to catch this on the iPhone, the stamen looks like a light bulb element I think, and the level of detail from a camera phone is astonishing.

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First Point to Point of the Summer – iPhone4S

7th May 2012


The first, and as it happened last, Point-to-point of the summer that never came. When the conditions are absolutely right the iPhone 4S camera is really quite good. The snaps it takes don’t bear too close an inspection of course, but I was impressed that this panning shot came out sharp and in focus, actually […]

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