Rainbow over Lago Varas, Chile. Canon 5D 55mm

19th January 2006


Yes we’ll I’m sure I’ll get flack for putting up a rainbow picture, all very am-dram, but sorry, I just like it. It’s simple, clean and I find it both refreshing relaxing. The horizon’s just so flat – obviously seeing as it’s the sea and all, so there you, a cliche rainbow with an unsurprisingly […]

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Rain over Lago Traful, Argentina – Canon 5D 35mm

11th January 2006


Pissing with rain was ‘situation normal’ for the majority of this trip, and boy was it hooning it down when I shot this. I rather like the loneliness of the boat. I still can’t figure out why they didn’t tie it right up to the jetty though. It’s a 5 second exposure, I should probably […]

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