Fred Paulley – Hedge Layer

31st January 2013

Fred Paulley Hedge Layer

There are quite a lot of hedge layers round my neck of the woods, but I wanted to find one who had been at it for a long time, and Fred Paulley at a sprightly 80+ was a perfect subject. It was a bitterly cold day and I’m always worried my subjects will freeze if […]

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Sir David Attenborough, It’s a no sadly.

29th January 2013


What a shame, I was hoping to shoot Sir David Attenborough’s hands as someone who had come into contact with more creatures than anyone else on earth. Sadly he declined, but I was very touched that he bothered to send a hand written letter saying he wasn’t able to do it. So many people don’t […]

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Portrait shoot for Alison Limerick – Canon 5D MKIII, 80mm 1.2

28th January 2013


Had a great shoot with the lovely Alison Limerick. Couldn’t get a studio in time so we shot it in my dining room with just one brolly (no room for more lights!) and a reflector. Used a spot as a key light with enough fill to add a touch of blur to the dress. The […]

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Green Pit Viper, Sri Lanka – Canon 5D MKIII – 70-200, 2 secs, f11

15th January 2013


Saw this little beastie lurking in the very dark rainforest. Fortunately it was lying very still, allowing for a 2 second exposure, which was just as well as otherwise my depth of field would have been bugger all.

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