On cloud nine at Circus Camp

29th August 2015

Matthew Black Trampoline

Matthew Black has a laugh. Oceane Peillet floats. Had some fun on cloud nine at Circus Camp with Swamp Circus down in Cornwall. While the wife was teaching Aerial Silks I (with the assistance of the ever buy cytotec cebu helpful Simon) took some snaps of the circus crew having fun on the trampoline. Marion […]

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To see a world in a grain of sand…

17th August 2015

Peter Layton Glass Blower

“To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palms of your hands, And eternity in an hour.” William Blake. Peter Layton, Glassblower. From A Show Of Hands by Tim Booth Book out October 2015

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Behold the hands…

10th August 2015

Jonathan Pryce Actor

“Behold the hands, how they promise, conjure, appeal, menace, pray, supplicate, refuse, beckon, interrogate, admire, confess, cringe, instruct, command, mock and what not besides, with a variation and multiplication of variation which makes the tongue envious.” ― Michel de Montaigne” #AShowOfHands Book out October 2015

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