The Super Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

28th September 2015


Boy it was freezing last night, probably should have changed out of my pyjamas to watch and shoot the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, here’s a before, during and after crack at it. Maybe by 2033 I’ll be able to get closer, sharper and probably shoot it through my phone rather than a telescope… If you’d […]

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The eyes have it

21st September 2015


My assistant’s (the lovely Lara Arnott) eye as a test shot for the shoot I did last week. Thanks to all the crew for their help during the shoot.

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Studland Shard

15th September 2015

Studland Shard-1

My last post made me think of this which I snapped back in June I think. Perched on the cliff edge in heck of a wind, Dorset’s superior answer to the Shard.

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Smoky Mountain River

14th September 2015

Smoky Mountain River-1

Well ok my Smoky Mountain River doesn’t have any smoke, and it’s not a mountain, but it is a river. I spent quite a while barefoot freezing knee deep in a small river in Cornwall looking at this rock I liked. I knew there was a shot there somewhere and eventually found it by looking […]

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Circus Camp Devotees

3rd September 2015

Simin Roberts

The lovely Freya and Simon at Circus Camp down in the Cornwall this summer.

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