Ruth McGill – Hand Tattooist

23rd November 2012

Ruth McGill Hand Tattooist

I shot Ruth McGill by the fire outside her caravan deep in the countryside. Aside from her great hands and willingness to take part in the project, she and her partner Theo (See Mask Maker) have been incredibly helpful and found me a wealth of hands, it seems they know everyone. Tattooing is such an […]

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Theo Langdon – Tinker & Mask Maker

Theo Langton Tinker

Theo Langdon has the most amazing and huge hands. We sat outside his caravan in the woods and he showed me a collection of his steampunk and dystopian masks, that often incorporated the skin and bone of animals. He’s a fascinating, talented and engaging guy, and as well as sitting for me he also helped […]

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Stars over Dorset – Canon 5D MKIII 16-20mm 2.8 10 secs

18th November 2012


Stars over Dorset on saturday. A beautifully clear night. I’d have loved to have made the exposure longer, but the stars were moving so fast (though I suppose they always do) that any longer than 10 seconds and I was getting trails. Looking forward to the next clear night to improve on it.

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Dave Sales – Lobster Fisherman

10th November 2012

Dave Sales Lobster Fisherman

I was pottering around the harbour in West Bay when a man came up and started chatting to me and I immediately noticed his weatherbeaten hands. His name was Dave Sales, this was his tender, and he has been a lobster fisherman in West Bay for over fifty years. He agreed to let me shoot […]

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