Across a crowded train…

25th September 2013

Love on a train final

Young love, sigh…

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Kenton Cool – Mountaineer

23rd September 2013

Kenton Cool Mountaineer-72-Edit

Kenton Cool has summited Everest 11 times, and in 2007 reached the summit twice in a week. Considered to be the UK’s leading High Altitude Mountain guide, he has climbed many of the hardest and toughest mountains in the world. He’s a tremendously friendly guy and completely without a shred of ego, which is quite […]

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Off the grid – iPhone

10th September 2013


I’ve just realised that of course I can’t really have been off the grid if I had my iPhone with me, forgive the oxymoron. We had nopower all of yesterday so I took the dog for a walk along the coast. Just wish I’d had my real camera with me at the time, but quite […]

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Jonathan Pryce – Actor

7th September 2013

Jonathan Pryce Actor

Jonathan Pryce at home in London. Good actors speak volumes with their hands, but imbuing a photograph with that message (and doing so in a just a few minutes) was not quite as easy as I thought it might be. I wanted to get across a little of “this wooden O”, and the idea that […]

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My Dream Camera – what would yours be?

5th September 2013

MY DREAM CAMERA I’m getting on a bit. I grew up with my hands deep in dev and selenium, playing with Tri-X and Seagull, and watching Bladerunner on TV. A film in which you could take a picture, view it on screen, zoom in, enhance it and print it. Pure science fiction, unimaginably cool, and […]

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Tom Drury – Horseback Archer

4th September 2013

Tom Drury Horseback Archer

Tom Drury gets on a big horse, bareback, rides it at a gallop, lets go of the reins, fires a bow, and hits a target. How on earth? It’s a truly remarkable skill. And I thought it was hard just trying to get a picture…

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Vanessa Brooks – Lay Midwife

Vanessa Brooks Lay Midwife

I found Vanessa Brooks deep in a wood in Dorset where she had just been running a five day course on midwifery. She’s ‘caught’ (apparently you don’t deliver babies, you ‘catch’ them – “Delivery’s for pizzas”) over 400 babies in her life, all without a hitch. I didn’t realise that the term Midwife doesn’t actually […]

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