Icelandic Horses

16th April 2017

Blending into the Ice

I’ve fallen in love. Not with horses particularly, although Iceland Horses are especially charming, but with Iceland. I spent the better part of a week there with Jonathan Critchley and three (now) friends, and was utterly captivated by the country. We only saw a small slice of it and I can’t wait to get back for more. We spent much of the time with these wonderful animals in stunning locations, and after the others returned home I spent a couple of days on my own shooting landscapes – could have done with a couple of months!

The Herd

These shaggy beauties are not only photogenic, they have the most delightful temperament. Often when we were with them they were so inquisitive that they’d cluster round me nibbling at my jacket, hat, camera, anything within reach. I couldn’t resist cuddling them to be honest.

2017-Apr Icelandic Horses-3

Tim and horse