Iceland Landscapes

20th April 2017


After five days of focusing on horses in Iceland, I had a couple of days to have a crack at some landscapes in this stunning country. Rather like New Zealand, Iceland is so awash with outrageously stunning landscape that you can end up with whiplash just driving through it for a few hours. I’m not really into the trend of wide over-saturated landscapes, so I looked for calmer and simpler lines.

2017-Apr Landscapes-6
Still. 2017

The church at Vik, shot from a service station forecourt.

And of course Iceland is the home of waterfalls, many of which have been photographed to hell and back Рunderstandably of course as they are pretty spectacular. This one is the oft shot Skógafoss which has a host of seagulls that play in the spray.

2017-Apr Landscapes-5
Updraft. 2017