Samburu boy dressed up to the nines, Kenya. – Nikon F5 180mm

24th October 1998


I was on assignment on the East African Odyssey expedition. The army was taking eight homeless inner city kids on 500 mile, 40 day trek across Northern Kenya. It was an epic trip, gruelling, fascinating, challenging, and probably the most rewarding job I’ve ever done. The evening before we left our base camp 100 miles […]

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Waterdrop – Mamiya 645 Pro, 200mm

20th October 1998

water drop3

I guess nowadays this would be a pretty simple shot to take what with sound triggers, photoshop and the fact that digital is basically free. But I shot this on film using just my eye, a film dev tray, a turkey baster and a cable release, so it was a right pain, and there were […]

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